Abbreviation name: HYMETCO
Date of establishment: November 23, 1977
Certificate of business registration: No. 0100510766 of the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi
Managing entity: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Address: Alley 62/23 – Nguyen Chi Thanh – Lang Thuong Ward – Dong Da District – Hanoi
Phone: 043-8343582 * 04-6 2660233
Fax: 043-8355699
Scope of work:
1, Trading, importing and exporting all kinds of machines, materials, equipment, chemicals for basic surveying and investigating factors: Meteorology, hydrology, hydrology, environment, geology and production, measurement, scientific and technical research, laboratories and common items: metals, electronics, electronics, construction materials;
2, Consulting services of transferring specialized scientific and technical technology, measuring, providing meteorological data, hydrology, and environmental customs;
3, Construction and installation of works specialized in industry, agriculture, civil, transportation, irrigation, electronics, telecommunications, electricity and water, leveling, interior decoration;
4, Exploration, exploitation and treatment of clean water for industrial and civil purposes (not including drilling service for construction survey);
5, Manufacturing carpentry, specialized mechanics, industry and civil
6, Manufacturing, processing, installing and repairing specialized equipment;
7, Hotel services, guest houses (not including bar business, Karaoke rooms, discotheques);
8, Trading in medical equipment, refrigeration
9, Trading in materials and equipment for agriculture and industry
Enterprises only conduct construction works when filling fully qualified conditions as prescribed by law
International relationship :
Campbell Scientific – USA
Valeport – UK
Kipp & zonen – UK
HRWallingford – UK
VAISALA – Finland
In addition, HYMETCO has also built up a network of trade relations with many manufacturers in the world on specialized machinery and equipment specialized in Meteorology, Hydrology, Hydrology, Environment.
HYMETCO Company always puts its trust first and towards long-term cooperation through sharing and providing the best solution for customers.
We always appreciate the importance of creating good relationships with customers and value all feedback from customers.
HYMETCO is constantly improving to become one of the leading companies in the field of providing products and services for forecasting, meteorological and hydrological monitoring.
We are proud to be a reputable supplier of products and services, Providing standardized products with the best quality.