Hymetco Company participates in the 75-year Traditional Hydrometeorological Day Exhibition

On October 2-3, 2020, at the hall of General Department of Hydrometeorology Building, there was an Exhibition of Scientific Achievement of Hydrometeorological Application in forecasting and warning for socio-economic development. The exhibition is one of the activities in a series of activities to celebrate 75 years of the Vietnam Traditional Hydrometeorological Day.

The company’s exhibition booth

Thanks to the application of advanced technologies, new technical scientific achievements, in the past years the quality of warning forecasts has been improved, warning products are increasingly diversified, the warning information. increasingly accessible forecasts and reports not only timely meet the needs for disaster mitigation and prevention but also meet the development needs of the socio-economic fields of the country.

To have an to this works, out of the end of the management of the device, but must be to the close to it as well as, and the end of, quý báu vật từ các nhà khoa học, các giáo sư, giảng viên, doanh nghiệp hoạt động trong lĩnh vực KTTV trong đó có Hymetco.

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